Gifting A Flight – Some Ideas

An Introductory Flight lesson also known as a Fam Flight is a great way to experience flying without committing to a flight course.

Gifting a flight can be perfect option for anyone who loves flying an airplane or who has always dreamt of being a pilot. A flight can be gifted to a loved one on the occasion of their birthday, anniversary or any special day of their life.

Discovery Flight –  It can be presented as a special gift. This gift is most popular because flight instructor of a discovery flight gets totally involved with the person before and after the flight. Instructor discovers the areas that person would have never seen before.

Sight Seeing – Sight seeing is also very popular. It gives sky view of all the popular sights.

Private Pilot Groundschool – This is also very popular as it lasts for the longest period and the person keeps himself involved for long period of time.