What is the role of introductory flight lesson?

Role Of An Introductory Flight Lesson

It is impotant to understand the role of an introductory flight lesson especially for those who are looking forward to become commecial pilots. This is the first to becoming a pilot and hence it needs utmost attention. This is where you learn about the flight, how it’s different parts function and about the flight take off and landing and lot more.

So in order to get most out of an introductory flight lesson, it is important to learn as much as possible using books and internet. One can learn almost everything via infographics and youtube videos about instrumentation, taking off, landing, cockpit area etc. This gives a lot of confidence and reduces instruction time which adds to your practical time of flying a plane. What can be better?

Once you have found out a good training school, you can always ask for the syllabus. Take a look on the schedule and plan accordingly. Prepare yourself based on the lesson content and go for it. Even your instructor will be happy and will give more insights on his flying experiences.


Tips For Better Introductory Flights

Tips For Better Introductory Flights

For a student who is plaaning for a introductry flight, it is good to to know a few things beforehand —

1 . Find out a good flight training center beforehand. You can find it using some research on Google and by asking from references. Prepare a list of all centers and then check their reputation one by one, prices etc.

2 . Find out the instructor profiles and create a list of best ones. Instructor personality matters a lot as he is the one who will be with you during pre flight process and during flying it.

3 . Try to learn as much as possible using internet and books, watching videos. This will tell you everything about using the controls and about taking off, landing, tuning and more more, at least an idea. So practical will be easier giving you more time to focus on the practical instead of theory. This is be a good value for dollars spent.